Research Resources

Clinical Research Informatics

Epic Access

Request Epic access for Stanford Children's Hospital research staff and research monitors, and Stanford Health Care research staff. Click here.

Research Data Request (STARR)

Request access to STARR, formerly STRIDE. For IRB approved studies, the data requests must be made to Research Informatics Center. Click here.

Clinical Research Informatics Workgroup 

The Clinical Research Informatics Workgroup (CRIWG) provides research and operational recommendations to the Stanford Children's Health IT leadership for the support of clinical research. Click here.

Other Resources and Services

Research Personnel & Services

The Stanford Maternal and Child Health Research (MCHRI) Institute provides a formal infrastructure for pediatrics research that enables, facilitates, and supports the clinical and translational research efforts of children‚'s services at Stanford. Click here.

Research Billing

Before the start of your study, be sure to review it for any financial or billing implications. If your study has financial or billing implications, please connect with Packard Financial Services (PFS). Click here.

Research Lab Services

If the research requires lab services through the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford, you must provide the IRB letter of approval, a completed clinical lab study protocol form, and detailed processing instructions prior to the start of the study set-up. Click here.

Quantitative Sciences Unit

The Stanford Maternal and Child Health Research (MCHRI) partners with the Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU) in the Department of Medicine to provide comprehensive biostatistics and data management support for research that is directly related to maternal and child health. Click here.

Interpreter Services

Requests for translator or interpreter services must now go through Epic. Please review the new workflow processes for the services. Click here.

Clinical Research Operations Program 

The Clinical Research Operations Program (CROP) offers classes specific to clinical research involving human subjects. The goal of the program is to raise the quality of clinical research across Stanford and to enhance the career growth of our clinical research personnel. Click here.