Transdisciplinary Initiatives Program (TIP)

Awards 2017

Project Title: Role of mechanical stress in telomere shortening in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy cardiomyopathy
PI: Helen M. Blau, PhD, Microbiology & Immunology – Baxter Laboratory
Co-PI: Sarah C. Heilshorn, PhD, Materials Science & Engineering

Project Title: Integrated in vitro and in silico models of pulmonary valve dysfunction in children with Tetralogy of Fallot
PI: Alison L. Marsden, PhD, Pediatrics and Bioengineering
Co-PIs: John K. Eaton, PhD, Mechanical Engineering; Doff B. McElhinney, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgery

Project Title: The Health and Well-Being of Children in Immigrant Families
PI: Fernando S. Mendoza, MD, Pediatrics
Co-PIs: Jens Hainmueller, PhD, Political Sciences; David D. Laitin, PhD, Political Sciences; Tomás R. Jiménez, PhD, Sociology; Duncan Lawrence, PhD, Immigration Policy Lab

Project TitleNeurodevelopmental origins and predictors of childhood and adolescent anxiety: a big-data machine learning approach
PI: Vinod Menon, PhD, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Co-PI: James J. Gross, PhD, Psychology

Funding Rates

YEAR Letter of Intent Full Proposals
Awards Amount
FY17 16 4 4 $800,000
FY16 No Awards Issued due to Lack of Funding
FY15 23 9 5 $1,000,000
FY14 17 5 5 $1,000,000
FY12 8 4 4 $800,000

Past Awards