Awards 2012



Co-PIs:  Atul Butte, Bruce Ling
Development of Bedside Diagnostic/Prognostic Biosensor to Improve Preeclampsia Care


Co-PIs:  Alfred T. Lane, MD, Jayakumar Rajadas, PhD, M. Peter Marinkovich, MD
Microneedle Patch Delivery of Type VII Collagen to the Skin

Co-PIs:  Anthony Ricci, Alan Cheng
Novel aminoglycosides to prevent hearing loss

Co-PIs:  Matt van de Rijn, Roel Nusse
Monoclonal Antibody Inhibiting ROR2 to Treat Sarcomas

Stanford Cancer Institute

PI:  Eric Alejandro Sweet-Cordero
Genomics Initiative

Stanford Cardiovascular Institute (CVI)

PI:  Manish J. Butte
Measuring Electromechanical Asynchrony in iPSC-CM using Atomic Force Microscopy

PI:  Christopher H. Contag
Molecular Mechanisms of Fetal Bradycardia Due to Placental Infection

PI:  Pilar Ruiz-Lozano
Engineered Embryonic Epicardium Activates Cardiac Regeneration – A Preclinical Study in Pigs

Stanford Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection (ITI)

Co-PIs:  Sheri Krams, Carlos Esquivel & Manish Butte
Examination of the functional interactions between NK cells and their ligands

Co-PIs:  Emmanuel Mignot, Elizabeth Mellins
H1N1 Peptide Presentation by DQB1*0602

Stanford Institute for Neuro-Innovation & Translational Neurosciences (SINTN)

PI:  Michelle Monje
White matter development as a paradigm for postnatal plasticity

Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

PI:  Renee A Reijo Pera
Genomic health in children conceived naturally and via IVF

PI:  Marius Wernig
Engineering Autism‐associated large genetic lesions in human ES cells