New Ideas Program

Project Title: Background in pediatrics, and in medically analyzing the genomes of patients presenting with whole genomes.
PI: Atul Butte, MD, PhD
Co-PIs: Russ Altman, MD, PhD, Engineering/Bioengineering and Medicine/Genetics
Euan Ashley, MRCP DPhil, Medicine/Medicine
Carlos Bustamante, PhD, Humanities & Sciences/Biology and Medicine/Genetics
Hunter Fraser, PhD, Humanities & Sciences/Biology
Hank Greely, JD, Law and Medicine/Genetics
Louanne Hudgins, MD, Medicine/Pediatrics
Michael Snyder, PhD, Medicine/Genetics


Project Title: Deciphering the Overlap between Autism and Epilepsy
PI: Joachim Hallmayer, MD, Psychiatry
Co-PIs: Craig Garner, PhD, Psychiatry; Antonio Hardan, MD, Psychiatry; John Huguenard, PhD, Neurology and Neurological Sciences; Nicholas Melosh, PhD, Material Science and Engineering; Anthony Norcia, PhD, Psychology; Ruth O’Hara, PhD, Psychiatry; Josef Parvizi, MD, PhD, Neurology