Clinician Educator Awards

FY 2019 Awards

Grace Gengoux, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences (Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)
Project Title: The AMOR Method: Resilience Training for Parents of Children with Autism

Amy E. Judy, MD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology (Maternal Fetal Medicine)
Project Title: Introduction of an Automated Conversational Agent in the Peripartum Setting to Improve Maternal Mental Health

Thalia Robakis, MD, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Project Title: Maternal Attachment Style in Relation to Parenting Practices and Child Development

Neha Purkey, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (Pediatric Cardiology)
Project Title: Does Birth Location Impact Outcomes for Neonates with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome in California?

Joyce Teng, MD, PhD
Clinical Professor, Dermatology (Pediatric Dermatology)
Project Title: Gene Expression Characterization of Lymphatic Malformation Following Treatment

Past Awards