CF Education Day 2016

Morning General Session

New Developments in CF Research-Steven M. Rowe MD, MSPH, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Stanford CF Center-Carlos Milla, MD

The Role of Psychology in Cystic Fibrosis Clinic-Diana Naranjo, PhD

Hemoptysis-Paul Mohabir, MD

Update on Advisory Councils-angel Mammino and Kirsten McGowan


Pediatric Afternoon Session

Pediatric CF Updates-Mary Helmers, RN

Helping your Child achieve academic success while maintaining their health-Sruthi Veeravalli, MSW

Hot Topics in Antibiotic Management of Pediatric CF Lung Disease-Mike Tracy, MD

Liver Health: an Integral Part of CF Gastrointestinal Care-Zack Sellers, MD

CF Hacks to help-Amy Baugh & Kirsten McGowan

Adult Afternoon Session

Contraception and Pregnancy in Cystic Fibrosis, What you Need to Know-Jennifer Cannon, RN, NP

DIOS: A Dietitian's Perspective-Michelle Stroebe, MS, RD

Respecting the Adherence Burden-Ronni Wetmore, RN, MS

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