About Cardinal Free Clinics

Cardinal Free Clinics was established in 2005 as a union of Arbor and Pacific Free Clinics. The clinics are owned and operated by the Stanford University School of Medicine. The mission of Cardinal Free Clinics is to provide culturally appropriate, high quality transitional medical care for an underserved patient population and to educate and empower a new generation of health care leaders to proactively address health disparities and improve access to care in their communities.

Arbor and Pacific Free Clinic staff is comprised of dedicated volunteer physicians and students. Funding is provided by private donors and the Stanford School of Medicine. 

Arbor Free Clinic

Arbor Free Clinic was founded in 1990 as the result of a student's research proposal to establish a volunteer clinic that would address unmet health care needs in the Stanford vicinity. Arbor fills a critical local niche, providing acute care for underserved or uninsured patients whose alternative is often a hospital emergency room. In addition to acute care services, Arbor offers a broad array of on-site preventive health services and referrals to low-cost clinics for ongoing primary care. On-site medical interpretation services are offered in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Open Sundays 8 AM - 2 PM
Located in the Menlo Park VA facility
795 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Pacific Free Clinic

Pacific Free Clinic (PFC) was founded in 2003 and provides free health care for uninsured adults in East San Jose, particularly Asian/Pacific Islander immigrants. PFC offers a wide range of services, including health screenings and laboratory testing. As part of its chronic care services, PFC provides referrals to other specialty care clinics and community health providers, social services, and long-term medical assistance programs. On-site medical interpretation services are offered in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin Chinese. PFC also expands its services to outreach events in the local community through quarterly off-site health screening events, co-sponsored with Arbor Free Clinic and local community groups.

Open Saturdays 8 AM - 2 PM
Located at Overfelt School Clinic
1835 Cunningham Ave.
San Jose, CA 95122