Industry Affiliates Program

We create forums where our care innovation researchers and industry affiliates can spark each other's thinking. Examples of such forums include our “boot camp” training sessions on emerging sources of value in healthcare, and our periodic national scientific conferences on topics ranging from rethinking measurement of clinical productivity to novel uses of artificial intelligence to lower the cost of clinical workflow support systems. In addition, we create opportunities for recruitment of students and fellows. There are three tiers of membership, and we work collaboratively to identify the best tier for each member.


Some industry affiliates supplement their membership via customized research of joint interest. CERC operates an industry sponsored research program for this purpose. 


Faculty participants in CERC’s Affiliates Program include:


Dr. Arnold Milstein, Professor of Medicine, Director of the Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC), Stanford University

Dr. Fei-fei Li, Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department, Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab and the Stanford Vision Lab, Stanford University

Overview of Membership Benefits

The CERC Industry Affiliates Program offers three levels of membership: Strategic Partner ($250,000 per year); Associate ($75,000 per year); and Affiliate1, with the expectation of a three-year commitment. The table below summarizes member benefits at each level of membership.



Benefits Strategic Partner Associate Affiliate1
  $250,000/ year $75,000/ year  $40,000/ year

Participation in Annual CERC Summit on intractable challenges to value improvement

Invitations to CERC visiting scholar presentations

Facilitated graduate and fellow recruiting 
Recognition on website and promotional materials 
Opportunities to collaborate with CERC teams on the design, pilot testing and evaluation of new, high-value care models
Early access to CERC research, including synthesis of innovative care models    
Invitations to research-in-progress presentations, tailored to member audience    
Visiting Scholar opportunities     


1Affiliate Tier Eligibility: start-up organizations and small nonprofits with less than $1 million in annual revenue.

Membership Policies

All CERC memberships are subject to Stanford University Policies for Industry Affiliates Programs


For more information about the CERC Industry Program, please contact Lana Henthorn, Manager of Administration, CERC at or 650-498-9282.