Guest Lectures

Fellowship Bootcamp (2016)

Dr. Laurence Baker (08/10/16)

Topic: "Key factors driving US health care spending growth"

Dr. Victor Fuchs (08/10/16)

Topic: "Controlling national healthcare expenditures"

Dr. Huggy Rao (08/11/16)

Topic: "What design characteristics of a new method of care delivery or its presentation are more likely to cause it to rapidly spread?"

Jennie Chin Hansen (08/11/16)

Topic: Cognitive Impairment Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Wayne Jonas (08/11/16)

Integrative Healthcare: the Merger of Healing and Curing

Dr. Greg Poulsen (08/12/16)

Topic: "How Intermountain Healthcare measures its distance from today’s US healthcare efficiency frontier"

Lucie Richter and Rob Lister (08/12/16)

Topic: "What is the meaning and value of human centered innovation design?"

Dr. Kevin Schulman (08/16/16)

Topic: "High-value use of clinical IT"

Dr. Stephen Shortell (08/17/16)

Topic: "Improving the success of health care innovation"

Dr. Alan Glaseroff (08/18/16)

Topic: "Levers to reduce annual per capita health spending for medically-fragile patients"

Dr. Scott Halpern (08/18/16)

Topic: "How can we greatly reduce annual total US spending for good health care via choice architecture?”

Dr. George Lundberg (08/19/16)

Topic: "What can be done to improve diagnostic accuracy in the US health systems?"

Leeba Lessin (08/22/16)

Topic: "Safely lowering population-wide health spending for seniors and Medicaid patients"

Dr. Marc Hoffing (08/22/16)

Topic: "Solving Healthcare Issues - Outside the Box"

Bob Quinn (08/23/16)

Topic: Cognitive Impairment Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Mike Breslow (08/23/16)

Topic: "Using ICT to lower cost"

Dr. David Sobel (08/24/16)

Topic: Medications Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Jeff Thompson (08/24/16)

Topic: Advanced Disease Coordination

Victor Wang (08/24/16)

Topic: Cognitive Impairment Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Dhruv Kazi (08/25/16)

Topic: “What methods US healthcare teams can borrow - without violating U.S. laws – from highly efficient care methods observed in low-income countries?”

Dr. Judy Hibbard (08/25/16)

Topic: "How might the PAM or other psychological assessment tools improve the cost-effectiveness of population-wide care?"

David Green (08/26/16)

Topic: Medications Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Susan Hickman (08/26/16)

Topic: "Improving Quality while Decreasing Costs? The Tantalizing Promise of Advance Care Planning"

Dr. Diane Meier (08/29/16)

Topic: "Transforming the Care of Persons with Dementia: What Will it Take?"

Dr. Brian Rosenfeld (08/30/16)

Topic: "Using ICT to lower the cost of and reduce deficits in care"

Dr. Niteesh Choudhry (08/30/16)

Topic: Engaging the Healthcare System in Efforts to Enhance Medication Adherence

Dr. Jack Billi (08/31/16)

Topic: "Use of Lean to Improve Care"

Dr. Uma Kotagal (08/31/16)

Topic: "Use of operations management to lower the cost of care"

Dr. Paul Menzel (09/01/16)

Topic: "Dementia, Ending One's Life, Prioritizing Care"

Dr. Susan Butterworth (09/01/16)

Topic: "Biggest opportunities to reduce total US healthcare spending by improving patient self-care"

Dr. Brent James (09/02/16)

Topic: "Use of TQM to improve care value"

Dr. Mark Fendrick (09/06/16)

Topic: Value-Based Insurance Design

Dr. Mohit Kaushal (09/06/16)

Topic: "What are the most promising new technologies lowering the cost of care?"

Dr. James Rebitzer (09/07/16)

Topic: "How value-incented insurance payment models drive healthcare organization operational changes"

Dr. Peter Neumann (09/07/16)

Topic: Medications Subject Matter Expert

Amanda Goltz (09/08/16)

Topic: "New successes in patient engagement to lower cost of good health"

Mitchell Portnoy (09/08/16)

Topic: "Communicating to Payers and Provider Organizations for Effect: Understanding the Language They Speak, Their Motivations, and the Tools They Use to Measure Themselves"

Dr. Robert Kaplan (09/09/16)

Dr. Peter Bach (09/15/16)

Topic: "The Underbelly of Overpricing"

Dr. Bruce Leff (09/20/2016)

Topic: "Hospital at Home®: Translating Research into Practice"

Dr. Troyen Brennan (09/27/16)

Topic: "Market-Driven Approaches to Managing the Rise in Drug Prices"