Designs Originating in Fellowship Program

A Growing Inventory of Innovative Care Delivery Designs

Since the 1950s, annual growth in health care expenditures in the United States has exceeded GDP growth by two to three percentage points. CERC is the only university-based research center in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to identifying and demonstrating care delivery innovations to safely close this growth gap.

The resulting innovative CERC “care models” combine scalable cost-effective methods of care delivery that CERC teams uncover globally and domestically with features from emerging science and technology. To accelerate their adoption, CERC also embeds features that address the most deeply felt unmet human needs of patients, families, and their clinicians.

Progress to Date

Since its inception three years ago, seven new CERC care models carrying the potential to reduce annual U.S. health spending by > $300 billion have been developed and selected for pilot testing by twenty clinical teams across the United States (see map). 

These care models have yet to be tested. During 2015-16 we are designing new models for pregnancy through age 5 and for management of cancer care. 

Care Design Program