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Re-Imagine a More Patient-Centered Model for Primary Care

Drs. Ann Lindsay and Alan Glaseroff, Co-Founded of Stanford Coordinated Care to address the needs of patients with with complex, chronic conditions. While retired from Stanford Coordinated Care, Dr. Glaseroff continues his passions for patient-centered team care by offering team training sessions based on his work at Stanford Coordinated Care, his tenure as Director of Workforce Transformation in Primary Care at Stanford, and the team training for Primary Care 2.0, a radical redesign of primary care under-way in 2016.  

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Recommended Educational Websites

  • Complex Care

This website features Dr Cory Waller of the National Center with video modules on trauma informed care, behavioral health and substance use issues.

  • California Health Workforce Initiative

The California Health Workforce Initiative website has excellent training modules on “soft skills” including team work, problem solving, communication, compassion.

  • Patient Engagement Matters

Dr. Alan Glasseroff discusses his work in patient engagement where he is developing a new model of care for high-cost, high-need patients.

  • Coordinated Care

Dr. Ann Lindsey talks about coordinated care with Hawaiian ECHO. 


Stanford Coordinated Care News and Publications

Transforming Medical Assistant to Care Coordinator to Achieve the Quadruple Aim

Clinical update written by Society of General Internal Medicine, April 2018

Stanford’s Big Health Care Idea                  

 Article in Washington Monthly, May 2017.

Case Example #1: Stanford Coordinated Care

Case study in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, October 2016.

Profile in Innovation: Stanford Coordinated Care

Article from the Center for Health Care Strategies, June 2015

Drs. Lindsay and Glaseroff have partnered with outside organizations to create the following documents to help guide others in addressing high needs populations.

Building an Intensive Primary Care Practice

An intensive primary care module written for the AMA Steps Forward website designed to increase joy in practice and improve outcomes.

Care Redesign Guide: Better Health and Lower Costs for People with Complex Needs

Guide made for the Better Health Lower Costs collaboration initiativewith the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Lown Conference Poster

A Spectrum funded research project; this project looked at clinical and economic results of Stanford Coorindated Care.