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Health Information Technology and Strategy
(MED 286 or STRAMGT 364 )

Health Information technology was intended to help reduce and cost and improve the quality of health care services. TO date, this is little evidence that this goal has been achieved. This course is designed to explore economic frameworks that can help us to understand how health IT can achieve it's intended goals. These frameworks build from general business and economic models used successfully in other industries. The course will be utilize both business cases and lecture to prepare students to propose potential novel applications of health information technology solutions. Each student will have a team-based final project. Instructors: Schulman, K. (PI)

Leading Value Improvement in Health Care Delivery (SOMGEN 275)

Dr. Arnold Milstein co-leads "Leadership and Strategies for Health Care Delivery" (SOMGEN 275), a course with a focus on developing and leading innovations that will improve the value of health care. Particular attention is dedicated to examining how leaders have overcome barriers to change and other management challenges on the journey towards achieving higher value care.

Stanford CERC Design Fellowship

Become a leader in value-based health care delivery innovation. Our 11-month design fellowship provides the opportunity to design new care models for a health condition associated with substantial disability and health spending. The design goal is an innovative health care design to maximally lower population-wide health spending while improving quality and experience of care.


Join Dr. Alan Glaseroff for a workshop demonstrating an effective new care model that provides cost-effective quality care, supports positive behavior change, and delivers care without overwhelming members of the care team. This team training workshop is intended  for teams caring for people with complex, chronic conditions.