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  • Leaders were slow to bring COVID-19 testing to Latino communities. Now people are sick

  • Three approaches could lower health care spending while improving late-life care

  • With Red Tape Lifted, Dr. Zoom Will See You Now

  • Protecting Patients with Compromised Kidney Function During the Pandemic and Beyond

  • States are bidding against each other and the federal government for important medical supplies — and it’s driving up prices

  • What Makes Some Health Care Teams More Effective Than Others?

  • Coronavirus Pandemic Spurs Stanford Researchers to Create Hospital Resource Calculator

  • 3 Healthcare Stocks to Buy for AI and Big Data

  • Healthcare spending to consume 20% of GDP by 2028

  • Coronavirus - "We Must Treat the Epidemic the Way Twitter Handles News: Make Medical Solutions Real Time and Democratic"

  • Robert Kaplan Receives 2020 Elizabeth Fries Health Education Award

  • Can Smart Thermometers Track the Spread of the Coronavirus?

  • When AI is watching patient care: Ethics to consider

  • Health insurers take on Big Pharma, plan to manufacture their own drugs


  • Lowering costs for excellent kidney care

    SCOPE, December 2, 2019

  • Examining Conflicting Claims About ‘Medicare for All’

    The New York Times, November 9, 2019

  • Here's What We Know About How Drugs Are Priced — And What We Don't

    Investor's Business Daily, September 13, 2019

  • New Survey Shows U.S. Businesses Taking Steps to Foster Culture Of Health, But Room to Grow

    Harvard Business School Newsroom, September 10, 2019

  • Are corporations committed to health? Survey suggests there’s room to improve

    SCOPE, September 10, 2019

  • Stroke: Treating blood clots in the brain goes from fast to faster to fastest

    Stanford Medicine Magazine, September 5, 2019

  • Interview: What AI Means for Doctors and Doctoring

    NEJM Catalyst, September 3, 2019

  • That Beloved Hospital? It’s Driving Up Health Care Costs

    The New York Times, September 1, 2019

  • The Health 202: Medicare-for-all opponents claim hospitals would shutter. But it depends where they're located.

    The Washington Post, August 8, 2019

  • Medicare for All’ Could Kill Two Million Jobs, and That’s O.K.

    The New York Times, May 17, 2019

  • Prescription drug cost 14% more in SF than national average

    San Francisco Chronicle, May 2, 2019

  • Hospitals Stand to Lose Billions Under ‘Medicare for All’

    The New York Times, April 21, 2019

  • Brent James - John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Award

    The Joint Commission, March 27, 2019

  • Computer vision technology could aid ICU care by spotting movement

    SCOPE, March 25, 2019

  • Access to doctor's notes and other health records engages Stanford patients

    SCOPE, March 7, 2019

  • AI will not solve health care challenges now, but there are innovative alternatives, researcher writes

    SCOPE, February 26, 2019

    • Why hasn’t digital technology transformed health care delivery?

      SCOPE,January 24, 2019


  • The Democratization of Health Care

    Stanford Medicine 2018 Health Trends Report, December 2018

  • Superstar- Young scientist helps design software that measures a surgeon’s skill

    Stanford Medicine, Fall 2018

  • Dissecting high drug costs

    SCOPE, November 13, 2018

  • The relationship between patient self-management and health care costs

    SCOPE, October 29, 2018

  • Study finds end-of-life conversations with nonclinical worker bring patient satisfaction, lower costs

    Stanford Medicine News, July 26,2018

  • CEO Gawande’s first task: a road trip to hear firsthand about workers’ health challenges

    Stat News, July 19,2018

  • Hospitals should consider underused resource to cut costs and promote value-based care

    Stanford Health Policy News, July 2, 2018

  • Do Doctors and Nurses Skip Hand Washing? Cue the Video

    Wall Street Journal online, May 28, 2018

  • Are you listening? Modern medicine challenges the crucial bond between doctors and patients

    Stanford Medicine Magazine, Spring 2018

  • Modern medicine is challenging the ability of doctors to listen to, bond with patients

    SCOPE, May 24, 2018



  • In Capitol Hill meeting, Stanford researchers present alternatives to insurance cutbacks

    SCOPE, November 21, 2017

  • Attributes of high-value oncology, primary care identified: Two novel Stanford studies have uncovered attributes of high-quality, low-cost care for cancer and primary care patients.

    Stanford Medicine News, 11/16/17


  • Accelerating Adoption And Diffusion Of Innovations In Care Delivery (HealthAffairs)

    HealthAffairs blog article about practice transformation insights based on CERC's AMVC research study

  • A Billionaire's Policy Center Aims to Transform U.S. Healthcare. How's It Going?

    Grants from The Peterson Center on Healthcare have funded CERC primary care research, and they will use findings to create and package a primary care practice model

  • Health Care? Daughters Know All About It (New York Times)

    Feature story highlighting the role daughters play in the care of persons with dementia, based on the fellows' JAMA Neurology Perspective

  • CERC Fellows Tackle Medication Costs with a Little Help from New Zealand

    Feature story about the Prescription Medication team's site observation at PHARMAC New Zealand

  • Stanford's Big Health Care Idea

    How an unconventional team of doctors figured out how to provide high-need university employees with better health care, for less money

Development Updates

CERC Development Brochure 9/13/17


CERC Moderated Panel:  The Future of AI in Healthcare 3.18.19

Healthcare in 2030

Introductory remarks for the American College of Physicians Board of Regents retreat; 1/9/19

Reining in Escalating Drug Prices: Challenges, Opportunities, Solutions

HMPI Webinar Series; 11/15/18

Case Studies in Health Care Delivery Innovations from CERC

13th National Value-Based Payment and Pay for Performance Summit; 2/28 - 3/2/18

Why Does Healthcare Cost So Much...and What Can We Do About It? 

National Affordability Summit; 9/27/17

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