Our Team

We’ve brought together a dedicated and diverse team of University stakeholders in health care, innovation, informatics, mobile health, big data, and precision health to help make a real difference in digital health.

When I'm not focusing on medicine, I dream of being a radio commentator for the Boston Red Sox.

Bob Harrington, MD
Chair, Department of Medicine

I'm a data junkie on anything related to sports, economics, and politics.

Mintu Turakhia, MD
Executive Director

Father to 3 young Americans, I try to understand American football, play the saxophone and conduct research on the health benefits of single malt Scotch whisky.

Euan Ashley, MD
Head of Science and Technology

I’m a classically trained dancer who loves world music and street food.

Avani Gupta, MPH
Director of Strategy and Operations

True to my Canadian roots, I love playing ice hockey and hanging out at the ice rink with my kids.

Janet Kalesnikoff, PhD
Director of Strategic Relations

Cycling is my other day job

Clark Seninger
Program Manager

Surfing, Coffee, and Panda Express are among my many passions

Marius Mainz
Visiting Student Researcher

I'm a professional ultimate frisbee player, and have used this as an excuse to play in 10 different countries.

Justin Norden
Research and Innovation Analyst

I’m a medical student at Stanford hoping to use innovations in tech and biopharma to improve patient lives.

Jimmy Qian
Student Research Analyst