Our Team

We’ve brought together a dedicated and diverse team of University stakeholders in health care, innovation, informatics, mobile health, big data, and precision health to help make a real difference in digital health.

When I'm not focusing on medicine, I dream of being a radio commentator for the Boston Red Sox.

Bob Harrington, MD
Chair, Department of Medicine

I'm a data junkie on anything related to sports, economics, and politics.

Mintu Turakhia, MD
Executive Director

Father to three young Americans, I try to understand American football, play the saxophone and conduct research on the health benefits of single malt Scotch whisky.

Euan Ashley, MD
Head of Science and Technology

I’m a classically trained dancer who loves world music and street food.

Avani Gupta, MPH
Director of Strategy and Operations

True to my Canadian roots, I love playing ice hockey and hanging out at the ice rink with my kids.

Janet Kalesnikoff, PhD
Director of Strategic Relations

I'm a passionate bay area sports fan who loves to golf and travel.

Steve Torchia, MPH
Program Manager

I'm a professional ultimate frisbee player, and have used this as an excuse to play in different 10 countries.

Justin Norden
Research and Innovation Analyst

I am an avid paddle boarder who has had one or two close encounters with overly curious sea lions.

Francis Reyes
Program Coordinator