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DEC 21, 2017
IA new artificial intelligence index tracks the emerging field

In an effort to track the progress of this emerging field, a Stanford-led group of leading AI thinkers called the AI100 has launched an index that will provide a comprehensive baseline on the state of artificial intelligence and measure technological progress in the same way the gross domestic product and the S&P 500 index track the U.S. economy and the broader stock market.

DEC 12, 2017
Stanford Medicine X helps code-a-thon participants shape strategies for opioid crisis

At a code-a-thon hosted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, collaborators worked alongside developers, as “end-users” of a sort, to validate potential solutions to the opioid crisis as they were conceptualized by competing teams over a 24-hour period.

NOV 1, 2017
Initiative aims to help develop innovative companies for brain health

Brainstorm, an initiative that aims to foster creative and entrepreneurial companies to improve brain health, launched recently with an event featuring a Shark Tank-style competition between virtual reality researchers.

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