JULY, 2018
Smart bandages designed to monitor and tailor treatment for chronicwounds

A team of engineers led by Tufts University has developed a prototype bandage designed to actively monitor the condition of chronic wounds and deliver appropriate drug treatments to improve the chances of healing. While the lab-tested bandages remain to be assessed in a clinical context, the research, published today in the journal Small, is aimed at transforming bandaging from a traditionally passive treatment into a more active paradigm to address a persistent and difficult medical challenge.


JULY, 2018
Magnetized wire could be used to detect cancer in people

Scientists at Stanford used the wire to capture free-floating tumor cells in the blood, a technique that soon could be used in humans to yield an earlier cancer diagnosis. The wire, which is threaded into a vein, attracts special magnetic nanoparticles engineered to glom onto tumor cells that may be roaming the bloodstream if you have a tumor somewhere in your body.

August, 2018
A "GPS for inside your body"

CSAIL wireless system suggests a future where doctors could implant sensors to track tumors or even dispense drugs. The new method can pinpoint the location of ingestible implants inside the body using low-power wireless signals. These implants could be used as tiny tracking devices on shifting tumors to help monitor their slight movements.

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