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In the Spotlight: Simone Marticke, PhD

Building on interdisciplinary experiences within non-profit and business to advance health initiatives

Stanford Affiliation:Graduate Student
School: Medicine
Degree: PhD
Industry:Management Consulting
Position:Life Sciences Specialist
Location: L.E.K., San Francisco

During my graduate years at Stanford I participated in interdisciplinary projects and explored courses outside of my department, for example at the and in MS&E. These experiences enabled me to develop an appreciation for managing large projects and the multitude of challenges that come along with it. Upon completing my PhD I took on a role as Scientific Program Manager at Canary Foundation, an organization devoted to the early detection of cancer. There, I applied my scientific background toward managing two cancer programs and science teams across the US and Canada. I enjoyed being part of an agile, small organization with big goals that are highly relevant and practical. I filled a variety of tasks, from launching scientific collaborations to fundraising, giving me an opportunity to experience and build my capabilities in many different contexts. I found myself energized by solving team conflicts, developed an eye for optimizing budgets and operational efficiency, and learned how to keep projects on track when not everyone has the same priorities. After three years with Canary Foundation, I am excited to join L.E.K. Consulting as Life Sciences Specialist. I look forward to building a solid foundation in business skills directly applicable to the fields I am most passionate about. Ultimately, I would like to take on leadership roles in settings that foster innovation and collaboration toward functional and affordable solutions for today’s most important health challenges. 

Simone Marticke
March 2011

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