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In the Spotlight: Daniel Gilison, Ph.D.

One student follows his passion and transitions from the bench to the classroom

Stanford Affiliation: Grad Student
Department: Genetics
Degree: Ph.D.
Industry: Academia
Position: Faculty
Imperial Valley College, Imperial, CA

Having gone through graduate school, I realized that I wanted to teach after I received my Ph.D., but I was not sure where I wanted to teach, and what the best way was for acquiring a teaching job where I would be happy.  In addition, I had to balance finishing experiments, writing my thesis, and traveling for job interviews. 

From a recommendation from one of my fellow graduate students, I met with Michael Alvarez from the School of Medicine's Career Center.  Throughout multiple meetings with him, I was able to get assistance for every step of the job search process - deciding where I wanted to apply, networking, fact-finding, and interviewing. 

At the end, I was pleased to receive a job offer from Imperial Valley College, a two-year college in southern California.  The School of Medicine Career Center was a great place for advice and information, and was a great help to me in pursuing and eventually securing this position that I'm really pleased to have.

Daniel Gilison, Ph.D.
August 8, 2005

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