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In the Spotlight: Sara Fernandez, Ph.D.

Former Postdocotoral Scholar discovers management consulting

Stanford Affiliation: Postdoctoral Scholar
Department: Chemistry
School: Humanities & Sciences
Degree: Ph.D.
Position: McKinsey & Company
Madrid, Spain

I started my job search at the beginning of my third postdoctoral year. I knew I didn’t want to do more research but I didn’t know what other options were available for someone with only research experience. I started talking to people through professional associations, (in my case primarily the Association of Women in Science), read some books about viable career options, and took some classes to move towards a more business related job. Also, I visited the Stanford Medical School Career Center (SoMCC) and the Stanford Career Development Center (CDC) where I got good coaching and support in my job search. And after some frustrating work, I am now at McKinsey & Company doing management consulting, an option I didn’t even know was available for someone with my background. I am getting a wonderful business education and learning about many different industries, and in the long run I will likely move more towards the pharma/biotech arena and combine both what I am learning now with my previous experience.

Sara Fernandez
September 7, 2005

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