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In the Spotlight: Aileen Cleary Cohen, M.D., Ph.D.

Bringing New Technology to the Clinical Arena

Stanford Affiliation: Clinical Instructor/Research Associate
Department: Pediatrics
Degree: M.D., Ph.D.
Industry: Biopharma
Director of Medical and Clinical Affairs
Nodality, Inc., San Francisco, CA

After completing my pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship I decided to continue at Stanford as a physician scientist learning about IL-12 and effector memory CD4 T cells and seeing patients with oncologic disorders.  Over time I came to dislike the stress of not having that paper written while trying hard to be a caring physician and caring for my family.  The School of Medicine Career Center helped me to discover what I wanted and needed from my career.  I was able to put together a business CV and interviewed at small, medium and large companies to get a sense of the different working environments.  Ultimately I was offered a number of jobs and decided to work for a small (<10 employees) venture-capital backed start up company called Nodality.  Thanks to the career center I found a way to better marry my M.D. and Ph.D. skill sets and hope to bring new diagnostics using phospho-flow technology to the clinical arena. 

Aileen Cleary Cohen
January 2007

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