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In the Spotlight: Samantha Chui, M.S.

Finding a job you love comes easy when you get involved and build your network

Stanford Affiliation: Graduate Student
Department: Biomedical Informatics (BMI)
Degree: M.S.
Industry: Medical Device
Bioinformatics Software Engineer
Biotech startup

When I began at Stanford as an undergraduate student, I had no idea what I wanted to study. I wandered from Physics to Electrical Engineering, and then to Computer Science. While I loved programming, however, I wanted to apply my skills to something that had always been very important to me: healthcare. By taking classes through the CS department in computational genomics, I found out about the Stanford Masters program in Biomedical Informatics and immediately applied. As one of four Masters students in our department, I tried to fully engage in my field, getting involved with a research lab, running a student seminar for Stanford and South Africa BMI students, doing an internship at Schering-Plough Biopharma, organizing the Biomedical Computation at Stanford (BCATS) Symposium, and most of all, meeting people and making friends. It was actually through a friend that I managed to find the job of my dreams -- Aviir, a growing startup, had approached my friend and, knowing my skills and interests, he directed them to talk to me. So ultimately, finding my job and directing my career was much easier than I had expected. I learned that building a career as a student happens naturally when you're doing what you love, especially if you're not afraid to explore new fields, and you focus on giving back to the community by getting involved in projects and on having fun with other people who are enthusiastic about learning and science.

Samantha Chui
December 2006

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