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In the Spotlight: In the Spotlight: Matthew Bloom, M.D.

The best of both worlds: finding life's work in surgery and medical devices

Stanford Affiliation: Resident and Postdoctoral Fellow
School: Medicine
Department: Surgery
Degrees: MD, MSEE
Industry: Medical Device
Company/Position: Tyco/Nellcor Clinician – Strategic Development Group
Location: Pleasanton, CA

I always knew that I wanted to practice surgery, as well as develop medical devices, simultaneously. I looked at several different work possibilities, including academic and industrial settings. I had performed several years of academic laboratory work in a variety of settings, and wanted to try something new. I thought that working in a larger established company would be a form of ‘real life MBA’. It was agreed that I would have protected time to pursue a clinical practice, and it was readily seen that my ongoing clinical activity added value to my work for the company. I am involved in many different projects at work: from performing due diligence for new technologies for acquisition and helping optimize in-house research for product development, to helping organize clinical trials and interacting directly with engineering, marketing, sales, legal, FDA, etc. It is exciting to both practice medicine and be involved with the development of the next generation of ‘better’ clinical devices to improve patient care.

Matthew Bloom
November 17, 2005

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