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In the Spotlight: Benjamin Berk, MD, MS

"Working to improve the healthcare system through business and information technology"

Stanford Affiliation: Medical Student, Graduate Student
Departments: Medicine, Management Science and Engineering
Schools: Medicine and Engineering
Degrees: MD, MS.
Industry: Management Consulting
Location: Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Chicago, IL

"I began my career as a software engineer at a healthcare IT firm and went to medical school because I thought I wanted to apply my technical background in the care of patients.  I had always thought that I'd eventually see patients part-time, balancing medical practice with a primary career in healthcare systems.  At Stanford, I realized that I didn't want two careers, and that I wanted to focus my energies on improving the healthcare system rather than working within an inefficient, at times ineffective, and often frustrating system.  It was an incredibly difficult decision but I realized in the end that there was no right answer--Who knows where things will lead!? 

Management consulting is like a business residency--it provides mentorship, a variety of industries and projects, and a clear development track.  BCG is a wonderful company with some of the smartest, most sincere people I've ever encountered.  It has given me the opportunity to see the inner workings of companies and organizations, to learn from a wealth of experience and expertise, and to shape my career to be best positioned to make an impact."

Benjamin Berk
August 2008

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