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In the Spotlight: In the Spotlight: Jason Barlow, Ph.D.

Networking and perserverence lead to a satisfying career

Stanford Affiliation: Postdoctoral Scholar
Department: Hemetology
Degree: Ph.D.
Industry: Biopharma/Management Consulting
Gilead Sciences, Foster City, CA

I was sure I wanted to do something other than bench science. That something could have included venture capital, management consulting, business development, medical devices and project management. I invested quite a bit of time in learning about personality types and their associated careers. Additionally, I learned how to network and interview effectively. I learned a lot along the way as I worked through a number of opportunities that didn’t pan out. Ultimately the Gilead Sciences, Inc. opportunity was the best career fit for me currently. Certainly there is a steep learning curve for my new work environment. I'm very satisfied and excited about the opportunities on my current career path.

Jason Barlow , Ph.D.
July 26, 2005

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