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In the Spotlight: Eva Balint, MD, MS

Exciting career choices in science and medicine may be found at less traditional junctions

Stanford Affiliation: Fellow, Instructor and Graduate Student
Department: Medicine/Endocrinology and Health Research and Policy
School: Medicine
Degrees: MD and MS (candidate)
Industry: Diagnostics
Position: Consultant
Location: Palo Alto, CA

"After completing my endocrinology fellowship and being involved with basic science, I was wondering whether to continue my academic career, try private practice or explore industry.  I always considered myself to be a physician-scientist, but there is no recipe on how to combine medicine with science. With the help of the career center, I explored my interests in science, medicine and extracurricular activities, and carefully analyzed what excites me and what motivates me in work and in hobbies. In addition to the prospect of pursuing a career development award, I interviewed in private practice and industry as well.

Finally I decided to accept the award and to continue at Stanford as an Instructor in clinical research and a masters student in clinical epidemiology. As part of the epidemiology curriculum, I studied the business and economic aspects of science as well as innovation in medicine. I also explored the practical aspects of innovation via medical consulting. This provided an interesting mix of experiences and widened my horizons in terms of possibilities. In addition to being immersed in clinical research, I also discovered that I was definitely drawn to innovation, a direction that I never considered in the past when trying to decide only between basic science and clinical research. The career center was instrumental in assisting me to find my own, less traditional way of combining my interests. This path has been more challenging than I anticipated, but definitely worth the effort, as it opened my appreciation to a wide array of exciting alternative career choices in science and medicine."

Eva Balint
March 2010

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