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Curricula for Academic Careers in the Biosciences

The School of Medicine Career Center is proud to offer the following courses and programs to assist Bioscience PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and research/clinical trainees in preparing and pursuing their careers of choice within the broad academic sector.

Open to all Bioscience PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and research/clinical trainees. PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in other disciplines will find relevant programs for academic careers at the Office of the Vice Provost Graduate Education, the Career Development Center, and the Center for Teaching and Learning.

These programs replace INDE 231: Future Faculty Seminar, which is no longer offered. Past syllabi, speaker lists and videos of the Future Faculty Seminar are available here.

Questions? Contact Chris Pohalski  pohalski [at] stanford [dot] edu

Career Foundations for Bioscientists: Academia                             Panel + networking reception
4:15 – 5:45 pm Tuesday Sept. 16, 2014                                                                          LK 130

Learn about the breadth of roles, responsibilities and academic environments from a panel of junior and seasoned faculty in different roles and types of institutions. For Bioscience trainees contemplating as well as actively pursuing academic careers. 

Chris Golde, Associate Vice Provost of Graduate Education, Stanford University
Cleber Ouverney, Associate Professor, Biology, San Jose State University
Elisabeth Wade, Professor, Chemistry, Mills College
Carin Zimmerman, Instructor, Biotechnology, City College of San Francisco


INDE 231A: Career Transitions for Bioscientists: Academia                               Fall 2014
4:15 – 5:45 pm Tuesdays Sept. 23 – Dec. 2, 2014                                                   LK 120

In this cohort-based course:

Preference given to Bioscience PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows and research/clinical trainees applying to academic positions during Fall 2014. Limited to 50 attendees.

Two steps to RSVP/Register:

  1. All participants should RSVP here.

  2. Participants must also either:

    1. Register via Axess to receive credit (1 unit S/NC or +/-) or to officially audit the course.
      - OR -

    2. TGR students, postdocs and others who do not officially enroll or audit must complete your reservation in the class by providing a $150 refundable deposit by 4pm Thursday, September 11, 2014 to hold a place in the class.

      • Make check payable to “SOM Career Center.” No cash will be accepted.
      • Please bring the deposit check to Ranjini Raghunath (office x1C06) or Chris Pohalski (office x1C44) between 10am – 4pm Monday – Thursday. Both offices are in the School of Medicine Career Center, first floor of Medical School Office Building (MSOB).
      • We will shred the refundable deposit check at the end of the quarter upon successfully attending 2/3 of the weekly sessions.
      • We will cash the check if you fail to attend at least 2/3 of the quarter sessions.

Syllabus - Fall 2014 (as of 10/5/14)

Week 1

Committee Perspectives: The Academic Hiring Process

HW: Draft #1 of CV and cover letter (due Week 2)

Panel & Reception
Week 2

Cover Letter Workshop & Clinic

HW: Draft #2 of CV and cover letter (due Week 3)

Presentation + Peer Reviews
Week 3

CV Workshop and Clinic

Presentation + Peer Reviews
Week 4

Research Statement, Job Talks, and Academic Interviews

HW: Prep mock interview (due Week 7) and job talk intro (due Week 9)

Week 5

Teaching Statement Workshop

Research Statement Clinic - Part I


Peer Reviews

Week 6

Research Statement Clinic - Part II

Teaching Statement Clinic

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews

Week 7-8 Practice Academic Interviews Sections/Dyad/Fishbowl
Week 9 Practice Academic Job Talks - Part I Sections/Fishbowl
Week 10 Practice Academic Job Talks - Part II Sections/Fishbowl & Reception

INDE 231B:  Career Prep & Practice for Bioscientists: Academia                      Spring 2015
4:15 – 5:45pm Tuesdays Mar. 31 – Jun. 2, 2015                                                      LK 130

Presentations, panels and workshops to help you succeed in your academic role of choice:

Time management, balancing faculty responsibilities, writing grant proposals and teaching.

For Bioscience PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows and research/clinical trainees intending to pursue an academic career, now or in the future.

Registration/RSVPs for this course will begin during Winter Quarter 2015. It will follow the same procedure as INDE 231A, requiring either:

  1. a formal registration (1 unit S/NC or +/-) or audit through Axess

  2. a $150 refundable deposit check.

Syllabus - Spring 2015

Week 1 Overview of Academic Institutions (TBD + panel) Presentation + Panel
Week 2 Managing Your Research and Teaching During the First Year Interactive Presentation
Week 3 Balancing Research, Teaching, and Service Panel
Week 4 Setting Up and Running a Lab Panel
Week 5 Writing Compelling Research Grant Proposals Presentation
Week 6 Course Development and Classroom Management Panel
Week 7 Getting Published Panel
Week 8 Managing Your Way to Tenure Panel
Week 9 Topic TBD TBD

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