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Curricula, Services, and Resources for Medical and Life Science Trainees and Alumni

The full suite of SoMCC programs and services are available to all medical and life science students, postdoctoral researchers, residents, and alumni.  Our courses and seminars cover a wide range of topics, providing information about the myriad viable career options available to MD and PhD professionals, as well as insights into specific technical fields and organizations where clinicians and scientists are leveraging their skills.  We offer guidance, professional consultation, and tactical support regarding all aspects of professional development, from early-stage exploration and preparation to successful decision-making and life-long career management.  Below is an overview of the offerings and services available. 

Curricular Offerings

Future Faculty Seminar (INDE 231/CTL 231): this Fall quarter seminar series teaches the broad spectrum of duties and opportunities presented through faculty positions, beyond the research-related aspects normally covered in graduate/post doc training.  Participants in this weekly seminar series will develop an awareness of the resources and skills that lead to faculty job success and obtain answers to pressing field-specific and related faculty job questions through intellectual discussions with representatives of various academic institutions and fellow course participants.

Industry Insights: this monthly series provides an opportunity for trainees to meet leaders from a variety of sectors who will share first-hand perspective and insights into their company’s technologies and professional opportunities.

Professional Development and Skill Building in Medical and Life Sciences: This quarterly series provides an overview of functions performed by life scientists and clinicians within a variety of professional settings and an opportunity to develop skills and perspectives critical to success in the workplace.

Feel free to check the SoMCC website often for these and similar offerings at Stanford University and across the Bay Area.

Professional Advising and Consultation

To schedule a consultation, please email us,, or call us at 650-721-1893. Provide us with your name, email address, a contact phone number where we can reach you and weekday times you are available to meet.

CV/Resume Review Walk-in Hours: Medical and life science graduate/medical students, post docs and alumni may make use of our 15 minute drop in cv/resume review appointments in the School of Medicine Career Center from 3-4pm on Wednesdays. Signups begin half an hour before walk-ins begin. 

For those outside of the BioSciences, please use the services of the central campus Career Development Center:

  Assessment Tools & Career Development Materials

Administration and Interpretation of Career and Personal Interests, Skills, & Values:

The SoMCC offers several assessments to help trainees identify information about themselves which may be useful in career exploration and decision making. 

If you are interested to take an assessment(s), please contact to schedule a 1 hour intake appointment or attend 1 initial 15 minute express review appointment (Wednesday from 3:00-4:00pm or Thursday from 11am-12noon. Sign-ups for express reviews begin 30 minutes prior at the SoMCC).  Assessment directions will be distributed during the intake appointment.

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