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Common Interview Questions

Below are examples of potential questions which are meant to stimulate your thinking about fit within the field and organization.  Your answers should be intentionally tailored to market yourself to this position, but they should not be rehearsed or presented in a “verbatim” format.  Additional interview information and sample questions are available in the SoMCC library.

Introductory questions:
1) Tell us about yourself.
2) We have read your CV/resume, what else should we know about you?
3) Please give us with a brief overview of your background and interests.

About your background and qualifications:
1) How does your training prepare you for this position?
2) What are 3 adjectives that your colleagues (supervisors, advisors, etc.) would use to describe you?
3) Tell us about an experience you had working through a conflict with a team member?
4) Describe your leadership style.
5) What is your weakness and what plans do you have for improvement?

About your career goals and professional interests:
1) Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?
2) What factors influenced your choice of specialty (area of research, etc.)?
3) What qualities do you look for in a supervisor?
4) What attracts you most to this position at this time?
5) In what type of work environment do you most thrive?

Final questions:
1) Is there anything you had hoped we would ask, but didn’t?
2) What else should we know about you?
3) When is the earliest you will be able to start?

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