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VPGE Quick Byte: Time Management



Writing Successful Grants with John Boothroyd

Date & Time:   April 9, 2012 12noon - 1:05 p.m

Tressider Cypress Lounge

Sponsored by:   The Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education (VPGE)
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To realize their full potential, not to mention just carrying out current and future responsibilities with competence, ease and satisfaction, graduate students need a broad range of skills that go well beyond a deep expertise in one or more academic disciplines. Among the many offerings in the area of Graduate Professional Development offered by VPGE and our partners, we are pleased to introduce a new offering for 2011-2012, entitled “Quick Bytes.”

As the name implies, Quick Bytes are brief yet information-rich sessions held over the lunch-hour, throughout the academic year. Each event will focus on an important topic relevant to the professional development of graduate students, whatever their future plans. Topics cover three general areas:

  • communication (written and verbal),
  • interpersonal (e.g., working in teams, managing “up” or “down”) and
  • personal development (e.g., time management, choosing the right career).

Each session will include a 30-40 minute presentation of instantly relevant, actionable advice followed by 20 minutes of discussion. Although we expect that many students will want to attend most or all Quick Byte sessions, this is not required.


  • Each session will run from 12-1:05 p.m. and include a free lunch (who said there’s no such thing…)
  • Priority will be given to graduate students; post-docs will be accommodated on a “space-available” basis
  • Advanced reading generally will not be required
  • Material will be presented in “byte-sized” pieces with a view to the pragmatic, providing highly specific guidance on the most important “dos” and “don’ts” on the topic of the day


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VPGE Quick Bytes

Registration by April 2, 2012 required, click HERE.

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