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Future Faculty Seminar Session Descriptions

Finding and Obtaining a Faculty Job

Week 1 (9/27)
-Core session-


Academic Job Options and Assessing Fit

Facilitator: Chris Golde, Asst. Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Stanford
Panelists: David Tauck, Associate Professor, Biology, Santa Clara University; Robert Saltzman, Professor, Decision Sciences, San Francisco State University; Masao Suzuki, Professor, Economics, Skyline College

Topics to be addressed include:       

  • Overview of different types of colleges and universities, and how faculty job responsibilities vary (RE: research, teaching, service, and overall life balance)
  • Reflections from panelists on the values and experiences unique to their type of academic institution; perspectives to help you decide which positions and colleges/universities are best for you
  • Recommendations for finding information about various institutions and job prospects

*values inventory sent to registered/auditing participants ahead of time and incorporated into class discussion         

Week 2 (10/4)
-Split sessions-


Committee Perspective: Job Applications, Interviews, Talks and Negotiation
HSSE Panelists: Elaine Chin, Dean, School of Education, San Jose State University; Nicholas Baham III, Associate Professor/Department Chair, Ethnic Studies, Cal State East Bay; Marilyn Patton, Instructor, English, DeAnza College; Tom Ehrlich, Visiting Scholar, Education, Stanford; Marie-Louise Catsalis, Lecturer, Music, Stanford
SciEng Panelists: Howard Field, MD/PhD, Professor, Neurology, UCSF; Nora Goldschlager, MD/PhD, Professor/Associate Chief, Cardiology, UCSF; Elisabeth Wade, Professor, Chemistry, Mills College; Derek Jackson Kimball, Assistant Professor/Chair, Physics, CSU East Bay

Topics to be addressed include:          

  • The steps search committees take to seek out candidates, assess fit, and make offers to the “right” person
  • Discussion of what characteristics stand out the most in candidates and ways to make a positive first impression
  • Advice about what candidates should consider when deciding whether or not to take a position.

Negotiating and Navigating the First Year

Week 3 (10/11)
-Core session-


Striking the Right Balance: Managing Your Personal and Professional Life
Panelists: Claudia Mueller, MD, Assistant Professor, Surgery, Stanford; Andrea Rees Davies, Director, Programs & Research, Clayman Institute, Stanford/ On leave from History Department, Cal State Northridge; Jason Singley, Associate Professor/Chair, Physics, CSU-East Bay; Michael Allocca, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, St. Mary’s College, Diane Dreher, Professor of English, Santa Clara University

Topics to be addressed include:            

  • Advice on how to realistically set up expectations from job offer onward – evaluating what is important to you and asking for it
  • An introduction to the “two body” perspective
  • Discussion of the non-research and non-teaching duties affiliated with faculty jobs and the amount of time to realistically anticipate when you begin
Recommendations for balancing  the demands of academic life with those of your personal life

Week 4 (10/18)
-Split sessions-


From the Start: Your Guide to Writing and Publishing in Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (HSSE)
Panelists: Matthew Sommer, Associate Professor, Chinese History, Stanford; Paul Crowley, Professor, Religious Studies, Santa Clara University; Rene Fukuhara Dahl, Professor/Chair, Child & Adolescent Development, San Francisco State University; Elba Maldonado-Colon, Professor, Elementary Education, San Jose State University;

Topics to be addressed include:            

  • Strategies for defining and negotiating materials, staffing, travel and other components necessary to your research
  • Advice for successful fiscal management and the components of an effective research agenda
  • Discussion of marketing and networking strategies necessary to see your agenda through to fruition

From the Start: Your Guide to Setting Up and Running a Lab (SciEng)
Tentative Panelists: Amy Herr, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley; Joseph Konopelski, Professor, Chemistry, UC Santa Cruz; Steven Suljak, Associate Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Santa Clara University; Suzanne Pfeffer, Professor, Biochemistry, Stanford; Tim Stearns Professor of Biology and Genetics, Stanford

Topics to be addressed include:            

  • Strategies for defining and negotiating lab necessities before creating your lab
  • Advice for successful fiscal management, research agenda development, and growth of your lab
  • Discussion of the desired characteristics in research team members and recommended mentoring methods


Week 5 (10/25)
-Core session-


Launching a Faculty Career: Managing Your Research and Teaching During the First Year
Presenter: Robyn Dunbar, Senior Associate Director for Science & Engineering,
 Center for Teaching and Learning and Associate Professor, Geological and Environmental Sciences (courtesy), Stanford University
Topics to be addressed include:    

  • Referencing the work of Robert Boice, overview of  research and teaching expectations during the first year of a faculty position and strategies for navigating this challenging time
  • Common mistakes people make when they are first starting out and how to avoid them
  • Discussion of ways to increase and maintain productivity, creativity, and “publishability” through intentional time management strategies

Working Toward Tenure & Beyond

Week 6 (11/1)
-Split sessions-


Finding and Writing Fellowship Grants (HSSE); Finding and Writing Research Grants (SciEng)
HSSE Panelists: Meredith Heiser-Duron, Professor, Political Science, Foothill College; Beth Levin, Professor, Linguistics, Stanford; Lettie Ramirez, Professor, Education, CSU East Bay; Judith Scott, Professor, Education/ Chair, Language, Literacy and Culture specialization, UCSC

SciEng Panelists: Mark Denny, Professor of Marine Sciences and Biomechanics, Hopkins Marine Station/Stanford, Tim Sterns, Professor, Genetics, Stanford; Thalia Anagnos, Professor, General Engineering, SJSU; Cleber Ouverney, Associate Professor, Biology, SJSU

Topics to be addressed include:            

  • Tips and recommendations for finding funding opportunities that advance your career
  • An outline of the grant process from beginning to end
  • Helpful pointers for a successful outcome


Week 7 (11/8)
-Core session-


Course Development and Classroom Management: Techniques for the New Professor
Facilitator: Mariatte Denman, Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Stanford
Panelists: David Keeports, Professor, Chemistry/Physics, Mills College; Bijan Gillani, Professor, Teacher Education, Cal State East Bay; Daniel Malpica, Assistant Professor, Chicano and Latino Studies, Sonoma State University; Jay Rosenheim, Professor, Entomology, UC Davis

Topics to be addressed include:            

  • Discussion of  ways to assess levels of subject matter competence and maximize understanding within a classroom
  • Techniques for creating syllabi to adequately lay out expectations and learning objectives; methods for measuring whether or not these curricular goals have been met
  • Recommendations for managing, and surviving your first term teaching
Taking advantage of mentoring opportunities and resources outside of the classroom

Week 8 (11/15)
-Split sessions-


Starting Now: How to Manage Your Way to Tenure
HSSE Panelists: Fred Turner, Associate Professor, Communication, Stanford University; Lynn Ann Meisch, Professor, Anthropology, St. Mary’s College; Manuel Vargas, Professor, Philosophy, University of San Francisco
SciEng Panelists:  Rick Reis, Consulting Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University; Tom Clandinin, Associate Professor, Neurobiology, Stanford University; Tokunbo Ogunfunmi, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development/Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Santa Clara University;

Topics to be addressed include:    

  • Tips for defining and developing your own academic writing style to make your writing more compelling and publishable both academically and commercially
  • Advice for seeking out and getting noticed by publishers
  • Overview of the timeframe and expectations of the publication process from the perspective of panel members who both publish and review articles for submission
  • Discussion of copyright process and related considerations

Week 9 (11/22)
-Core session-


Beyond Research and Teaching: Academic, Corporate and Political Leadership Opportunities

Facilitator: John Boothroyd,Professor of Microbiology and Immunology; Associate Vice Provost of Graduate Education; 

Panelists:  Nicky González Yuen, PhD, JD, Instructor, Political Science/Women’s Studies, DeAnza College; Ronald Glass, Associate Professor, Philosophy of Education/ Director, UC Santa Cruz Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California; Susan B. Opp,
Associate Vice President, Academic Programs and Graduate Studies/Professor, Entomology, CSU East Bay

Topics to be addressed include:  

  • Advice for long-term tenure preparation, including networking at conferences/departmentally and the management skills necessary to avoid some of the most common personal, political, and professional roadblocks to tenure
  • Common tenure expectations and an overview of the process
  • Overview of the top characteristics of successful professors and how to develop these traits

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