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Future Faculty Seminar
Course Number: INDE 231/CTL 231 in AXESS

Grading: 1 Unit Seminar, Credit/No Credit

This course is open to audit by postdocs, TGR, and Clinical/Research trainees. Fill out and submit this form to audit the course.

Dates:   Fall Quarter, September 25 - November 27 , 2011
Time:   Tuesdays, 4:15-5:30 PM
Core Sessions: Cubberley Education Bldg. 03-300, Cubberley Auditorium
Split Sessions: SciEng - Cubberley Education Bldg. 03-300,Cubberley Audi.
               HSSE - Cubberley Education Bldg. 03-300, Rm. 128
Course details:  

The Future Faculty Seminar is open to Stanford graduate students from all disciplines who are considering a faculty career; post doctoral fellows, TGR students, and research/clinical trainees may audit by consent of instructor.  This seminar is meant to teach the broad spectrum of duties and opportunities presented through faculty positions, beyond the research-related aspects normally covered in graduate/post doc training.  Participants in this weekly seminar series will develop an awareness of the resources and skills that lead to faculty job success and obtain answers to pressing field-specific and related faculty job questions through intellectual discussions with representatives of various academic institutions and fellow course participants.  Topics will include: finding and obtaining faculty jobs, negotiating and navigating the first year, and working toward tenure.

Format: The course is conducted as a seminar that meets once a week for nine weeks. Sessions 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 will cover aspects of faculty careers relevant to all disciplines (core sessions). Sessions 2, 4, 6, and 8 will be divided into two rooms and cover discipline-specific topics (split sessions). The class meetings will include both formal presentations by speakers and discussion panels.

The two discipline-specific sections are: Humanities/Social Sciences/Education (HSSE), Sciences/Engineering (SciEng). You are free to attend the section which best suits your field. For example, students in the social sciences may want to attend either the humanities or sciences sections, or some of each depending on the week's focus.

Officially auditing and registered participants will have the opportunity to participate in Coursework discussions and will have access to supplemental readings.  There will be no need to purchase materials.

Funding for the development of this course has been provided by the VPGE and is supported by the School of Medicine Career Center, the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Career Development Center

Additional information and/or registration:   For more information, please contact the School of Medicine Career Center at 650.721.1893, or email us at "somcareers" at

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