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High-Tech, Pharmas & Healthcare Marketing Excellence in the Digital Era: Cross-Sectorial Views and Panel Discussion

Date:   July 19, 2011
Time:   7:00am  to 10:30am

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An interactive dialogue on how Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) will equip your marketing organization to address the key opportunities for this new era.

Prior to the Digital Era, marketers, their agencies, partners and their ecosystems always had the dream of building a digital “Tower of Babel” to create, distribute, share, exchange and create the best value out of their promotional and commercial content and tactics. Current market drivers and technology innovations are forcing High-Tech and Life Sciences Marketing organizations to shift to an innovative, real time based, increasingly collaborative, digitally industrialized and customer centric model. During this conference, you learn about the latest trends in Digital Marketing and will be able to engage in an interactive dialogue with leaders and experts in Digital marketing on how Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) can help your marketing organization to address the key questions for this new era: Marketing ROI and spend optimization, Real-time Decisioning, Running Marketing Operations as a “digital factory” to enable planning, budgeting, execution, tracking and measurement of the real impact of your marketing tactics. We will also discuss concrete experiences of IMM programs, case studies, their implementation challenges and key success factors with a focus on specific sectorial topics, such as Digital Copy Review, Multichannel Campaigns, Digital Assets management, Event Management and Aggregate Spend. This event will feature a panel of high-end speakers and leaders from the High Tech, Pharma and Biotech sectors and will offer opportunities for networking and collaborative discussions. 

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