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  SBSA Guest Speaker Series: 'High-Throughput Ultra-High-Content In Vivo and In Vitro Screening Technologies, Mehmet Fatih Yanik, PhD
Date:   Tuesday January 25, 2011
Time:   10:00-11:00am

Clark Center Auditorium
Stanford, CA

Sponsor:   SBSA
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"Deciphering the complexities of whole organisms and discovery of therapeutic drugs can be significantly accelerated using systematic, high-throughput, and ultra-high-content approaches. Dr Yanik will present high-throughput in vivo and in vitro technologies that can perform complex manipulations on a variety of biological preparations and organisms: (1) The in vivo technologies we developed include microfluidic systems for screening of (a) invertebrates (C. elegans) and (b) vertebrates (zebrafish), where we can image live animals at cellular resolution in three-dimensions and perform high-throughput assays on a variety of complex in vivo models including spinal cord injury, and stem cell proliferation. Using large-scale in vivo femtosecond laser microsurgery screens, we recently identified small molecules that enhance neuronal regeneration. (2) The in vitro technologies we developed include (a) methodologies to transiently and combinatorially deliver master transcription factor mRNAs to differentiate human embryonic stem cells to therapeutically relevant cell types, and (b) high-throughput technologies to generate spatially-arbitrary protein patterns to screen complex phenotypes such as the response of progenitor cells and neurons to combinatorial guidance cues and asymmetric cellular microenvironments."

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