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Professional Development and Skill Building in Medical and Life Science: Management Fundamentals

This quarterly series provides an overview of functions performed by life scientists and clinicians within a variety of professional settings and an opportunity to develop skills and perspectives critical to success in the workplace.

Date:   Winter Quarter 2011
Time:   Thursdays: 1/13 - 3/3
4:00-6:00 PM

Location:   Alway M-112 Classroom
Sponsor:   SoMCC

Course details:  

Whether medical and life scientists leave their training to further their academic pursuits or explore opportunities elsewhere, management acumen and an understanding of organizational dynamics is imperative to workplace effectiveness.  Through the use of assessment and instruction by key leaders in myriad industry sectors, this series provides an overview of the primary elements of leadership, and of the many professional opportunities within business.

Session Descriptions

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Curriculum is presented in seminar format wherein information from one week’s session will build on that provided the week before.  Out of class assessments and minor assignments may supplement class discussions and enhance learning for those officially registered or auditing.

Registration (limited to 60 participants):
To register for this seminar:  Visit the online registration page
(Because each session’s curriculum builds on that which is presented the week before, registration is required and participants are highly encouraged to attend each session.)

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