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  Stanford University Graduate School of Education | Course: EDUC/CTL 297X Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Date:   Winter 2011 Quarter, Wednesdays
Time:   2:15-5:05PM

School of Education 206
Stanford, CA

Instructor:   Professor Tom Ehrlich and Corrie Potter, PhD Student
Event details:  

This is a new course on teaching and learning in higher education being offered this Winter.  The course is designed for both doctoral and masters students who may be interested in careers in higher education in any discipline.  Syllabus is attached.  As stated in the syllabus, everyone involved in higher education, whether as a student, an instructor, or a staff member, is both a teacher and a learner, and this course is designed to explore ways that all of us, as teachers, can promote lasting learning.

 If you want to work in higher education as an instructor, the course should help you gain understanding about how to be an effective teacher.  You will prepare a course syllabus that should assist in realizing this objective and aid you in seeking a faculty position.  More and more colleges and universities have well-developed faculty cultures of teaching and learning, and this course will help prepare you to be a full participant in, and major contributor to, that culture.   Graduate students from any discipline and any stage of their program are welcome.

If you want to work in higher education as a staff member, or are just interested in teaching and learning, you should gain understanding about teaching and learning in higher education and about how to strengthen your abilities as a teacher and a learner.

You will all have opportunities to think deeply about college teaching and to articulate beliefs and values about good teaching.  And in the context of those beliefs and values, you will practice teaching activities such as articulating learning goals, planning class sessions, and designing assessments.

Students may enroll in the course for 3 or 4 units of credit; students are welcome to take the course Credit/No Credit.

If you have questions or would like to discuss the course further, please contact Prof. Ehrlich at or Corrie Potter at

We hope the class will bring together students from around the university, so please share this announcement with any lists, groups, and students who might be interested.

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Course Syllabus can be found here.


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