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  The 2nd Annual Burrill Digital Health Meeting
Date:   February 23-24, 2011

The San Francisco Airport Marriott

Sponsor:   Burrill & Company
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In the not too distant future, nearly all of healthcare will be digitized. Technology is being developed that will connect patients and physicians in real-time. In turn, doctors will be able to practice medicine from virtually anywhere at anytime, with instant access to the information and systems they need.

The digital health world is rapidly evolving with the convergence of wireless technology and the proliferation of mobile devices, giving rise to new practices and products. With continual, real-time information on patient health, the healthcare system will be moving from focusing on simply treating sickness to maintaining wellness. Featuring world-class presenters, The Burrill Digital Health Meeting will showcase the underlying issues, emerging business opportunities and cutting-edge innovations.

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Registration required: Stanford-associated academic attendees receive discounted registration rate of $395 ($100 savings).

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