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  Teachers on Teaching, Winter Quarter Lecture: "Teaching Freshman Math and Science to the Masses: The challenges of designing and teaching large service courses"
Date:   Thursday, February 10, 2011
Time:   12:00-1:05 PM

Hartley Conference Room, 1st floor of the Mitchell Earth Sciences Building

Sponsor:   Center for Teaching and Learning
Event details:  

In this talk Professor Cohen will discuss some of the issues faced by the Math Department in designing and teaching the Math 50 series.  Many of these issues likely arise in any large course whose students are primarily not majoring in the discipline.  These issues include the following:

  1. Water it down, or beef it up?
  2. Skills or theory?
  3. "Pure" or "applied"?
  4. To prove or not to prove, that is the question!
  5. Computers, calculators, or pencils and paper?
  6. Power point or blackboard and chalk?

Presented by Professor Ralph Cohen, Senior Associate Dean for the Natural Sciences; Barbara Kimball Browning Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences; Bass University Fellow in Undergraduate Education

Additional information and/or registration:  

Feel free to brown-bag your lunch.  Light refreshments will be served.
Lectures begin promptly at 12:00pm. Latecomers are asked to enter by the back door and to be considerate of the taping in progress.
Open to the public.
No registration required.

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