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  The Impact of Health Reform on Hospitals

Date:   April 14, 2010

Time:   12:00-1:30PM (Lunch will be provided)

Location:   Alway, M-114 classroom

Sponsor:   McKinsey & Co.


The Impact of Health Reform on Hospitals
The national Health Reform legislation has created a "once in a generation" shift in the structure of the healthcare services industries in the U.S.  Acute care hospitals and physicians, even
before reform legislation, were facing a significant challenge to their usual way of doing business.  Regardless of the outcome of the legal challenges to the legislation, providers will have to rethink their strategies and create new capabilities that will allow them to
survive and "thrive" through this tumultuous period.  In our presentation, we will cover many of these pressures, suggest some imperatives for those who want to be best positioned to respond to a rapidly changing environment, and discuss how providers can position themselves to offer innovative, quality care despite the challenges facing them.

About the Speaker:
Eric David holds an MD and JD from Columbia University. He is currently an Associate Principal at McKinsey and Company, Palo Alto. McKinsey & Company is a management consulting firm that advises senior management of the world's leading organizations on issues of strategy, organization, technology and operations. McKinsey’s consultants gain exposure to a diverse range of industry sectors and business issues that not only enhance career options, but also accelerate the pace of personal development. McKinsey’s consultants are members of a core team working directly with senior client executives to address the defining business issues of our time.

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