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Industry Insights - Cedar Associates LLC: Growing Opportunities for Physicians and Researchers in Health Systems Research

Date:   Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time:   12:00 -1:00 PM (Presentation and Q&A)
1:00-1:30 PM (Informal reception)

Location:   Clark Center Auditorium, Clark CenterCenter

Sponsor:   School of Medicine Career Center (SoMCC)

Event details:  

The extensive media coverage of the US Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, commonly referred to as ObamaCare, brought into focus many issues concerning the organization and financing of health care services in the US. At an international level, there is great interest by governments of low-income countries to provide Affordable, Appropriate health care for All citizens (so-called AAA initiatives). Foundations, such as Gates, Packard, and Rockefeller, are providing research funding to understand how to set up these systems. In OECD countries, government agencies, provider organizations, and industry alike are increasing funding to assess what works in health care, and what is affordable. The need has never been greater for the highest quality research to inform clinical practices and policies – giving rise to new opportunities for researchers and clinicians.  

Furthermore, while academic centers have played and continue to play a pivotal role in conducting research, many funders have come to realize the critical relevance and value of other types of research organizations, leading to new and highly productive models of industry-academic partnerships.  Compared with decades past, today’s trainees have more opportunities than ever in a variety of different organizations to be involved in research and apply their skills in ways that will greatly influence peoples’ lives on a global basis. This session is for those interested to explore and understand these possibilities, presented by a world-renowned expert and head of a leading research firm in the field, providing insights into:

  • Roles and career opportunities for clinicians/researchers in the field of applied health systems research
  • Key drivers and forces at play (in the US and globally) shaping the evolution of health care systems 
  • Trends in the design of clinical, outcomes, and economic studies
  • Statistical and econometric analyses concerning clinical effectiveness, treatment patterns, costs of care, and quality of life

About the Speaker:
Dr. Hornberger received his M.D from the U. Rochester, NY, and his M.S. in Health Services Research from Stanford. He trained as a general internist and health services researcher at Stanford, then taking a position as Assistant Professor of Stanford’s Department of Health Research and Policy.  Dr. Hornberger studies the long-term outcomes and economic implications of health care interventions. He has received federal and non-profit funding for work on patient-doctor communications, dialysis and how coverage decisions are made by low-income countries. He has served on numerous NIH study research sections. He has been funded for research in HIV, HCV, influenza, obesity, renal dialysis, transplantation, and cancer. He was a co-founder of 2 clinics in the County of San Mateo (Willow and Ravenswood) that serve indigent patients who have limited access to employer based or federally funded insurance. He is staff physician at the San Mateo County Hospital (Willow Clinic).  In 2000, he became a Principal of a privately owned consulting firm; Cedar Associates was established 2006. As Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford (Adjunct), Dr. Hornberger teaches and supervises resident and postdoctoral physicians. He is Co-Editor of Value in Health and on the Editorial Board of Medical Decision Making, two of the leading journals in health outcomes and economics.

Free and open to Stanford ID holders.
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