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Medical Device Focus | Corporate Partnering Deals: Reducing Dependency on Traditional Funding and M&A Models

Date:   November 18, 2010
Time:   5:30-7:30pm

South San Francisco Conference Center
255 South Airport Blvd.
South San Francisco



Sponsor:   BayBio
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The medical device industry is undergoing a crisis of funding. The traditional sources of financing such as venture capital funds are stretched thin. Many investors are struggling to preserve and protect their existing investments in light of the limited liquidity alternatives and longer paths and funding needs to get into to an exit. The public markets - have for all practical purposes dried up. The more lucrative M&A deals are far and few between and are generally focused on more mature franchises and/or companies with an approved product or near the commercialization and launch stage.

Alliances and partnerships have traditionally been used to help companies reduce their funding and resource burden and provide potential upside. These non-dilutive sources of funding can take many forms and warrant a second look in the light of today’s difficult economy. A panel of seasoned medical device executives will analyze several recent partnering deals and contemplate their usefulness as alternative funding sources. Practical take-away include: how to integrate product co-development into your innovation strategy, understanding the key differences in structuring partnership deals with large and small companies and universities and/or research centers, understanding the pitfalls, risks and opportunities that these partnering models present, , and understanding of how to leverage these relationships to create win-win scenarios to the benefit all participants.

Fee:   Sliding scale $20-40 for pre-registration
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