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FountainBlue's Clean Energy Entrepreneurs Forum

Date:   June 7, 2010
Time:   5:30-7:30pm

PARC, 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo Alto


Sponsor:   FountainBlue
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Based on the Clean Tech Open definition, air, water & waste clean energy companies improve resource availability, conservation and pollution control, as well as materials reuse and recycling technologies. Factors such as water scarcity, urban development, climate change, infrastructure challenges, and other factors tied to our exploding global population make it a more difficult and more urgent an issue.
Our panel will focus on opportunities around water and air purification, energy generation around water, air and waste, and the challenges and opportunities in this area.

Facilitator Kathy Fields, Partner, Goodwin Procter
Panelist Nitin Parekh, Director of Business Development, PARC
Panelist G. G. Pique, President and CEO, Energy Recover Inc.
Panelist Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer, Big Green Innovations, IBM
Presenting Entrepreneur Peter Frykman, Founder and CEO, DripTech
Presenting Entrepreneur Dr. Fatemeh Shirazi, President/CEO & Chairperson, Microvi Biotech Inc.
Presenting Entrepreneur Reza M Sheikhrezai, CEO, Windation
Panelist from KPMG to be confirmed


Fee:   $22 members, $32 partners, $42 general; On-Site Cost: $42 members, $52 non-members, $124 Ongoing membership plus admission
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Registration: Please pre-register by noon on 6/4 using the PayPal link at

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