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FountainBlue's Clean Energy Entrepreneurs Forum: Financing Clean Energy Solutions

Date:   July 12, 2010
Time:   5:30-7:30pm

500 Middlefield, Mountain View


Sponsor:   FountainBlue
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Financing Clean Energy Solutions
We are in the midst of a clean tech revolution: companies big and small are focusing on delivering a wide range of earth-saving products and services. Investments continue to be strong in this sector, but most companies aren't yet getting the funding they need to complete prototypes and bring the product or service to market. And most customers are still electing the status quo over more costly, greener solutions as we have not reached grid parity for most clean green offerings.

Our panel this month will speak from both sides: how companies are managing to get financing to deliver their clean green solutions, and what they are doing to partner with investors of all ilks to help customers pay for the clean green solutions they seek.
Facilitator Kathy Fields, Co-Chair, Silicon Valley Office, Partner, Corporate and Private Equity and Technology Companies Group, Goodwin Procter LLP
Panelist Craig Lobdell, Director, CFO Advisory Services, KPMG
Panelist Michael Niver, Director of Project Finance, SolarCity
Presenting Entrepreneur Fareed Sfard, PhD, CEO, Ahura Energy Inc.
Presenting Entrepreneur, to be confirmed

Fee:   Sliding scale
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Registration: Please pre-register by noon on 7/10 at FountainBlue

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