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  Real Lives Have Curves
Course Number: ENGR 311
Date:   Winter Quarter 2010

Time:   Th 4:15-5:30 PM (begins 1/7)

Location:   Thornton 110
Course details:  

Master's and Ph.D. seminar series driven by student interests. Possible topics: time management, career choices, health and family, diversity, professional development, and personal values. Graduate students share experiences and examine scientific research in these areas. Guests speakers from academia and industry, student presentations with an emphasis on group discussion. May be repeated for credit. 1 unit, Win (Sheppard, S)

Speakers include:
* Rosa Yang, PhD, VP of EPRI
* Rani Borkar, MS, VP of Intel
* Sheila Haas, PhD, Science Writer
* Pam Hinds, PhD, Professor at Stanford

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The seminar is open to the public and interested students.  It is also available as a 1-unit course for Stanford enrolled students.

Organized by the Mechanical Engineering Women's Group

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