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  European Entrepreneurship and Innovation Thought Leaders
Course Number: ME 421
Date:   Winter Quarter 2010

Time:   M 4:00-5:30PM

Location:   Skilling Auditorium
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Stanford Engineering's European Entrepreneurship and Innovation Thought Leaders is a weekly speaker series that presents industry leaders from Europe's hitech startup, venture finance, corporate and university research and technology commercialization communities to share their insights and experiences with aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.

From Ireland to Russia, and from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, Europe's technology sector is today playing a growing role in bringing new energy, environmental, water, information, medical device and life sciences technologies to market thru small- and medium-sized enterprises. Europe's countries and regions, however, face substantial challenges in rapidly moving to the marketplace the technical innovations that are being developed in universities, national laboratories and corporations. Many of these regions are increasingly looking to Silicon Valley to accelerate this process and train a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovation professionals. We invite you to join us each week for a lively discussion of the challenges and opportunities facing European entrepreneurs, investors and innovation sector organizations.

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For additional information and to register please visit the European Entrepreneurship and Innovation Thought Leaders website

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