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  Science and Engineering Course Design
Course Number: CTL312/E312
Date:   Winter Quarter 2010

Time:   W 3:15-5:05 PM

Location:   Building 50, Room 51P
Course details:  

For graduate students interested in an academic career and who anticipate designing science or engineering courses at the undergraduate or graduate level. Goal is to apply research on science and engineering learning to the design of a syllabus and effective course materials for a course of your own choosing. General topics include: making course content and format decisions, assessment planning and grading, the novice-to-expert transition, reaching different learners, active learning, and strategies for teaching improvement. Space is limited to 25; auditors are admitted with instructor permission on a space available basis.

Robyn Wright Dunbar, Sr. Assoc. Director, Center for Teaching and Learningand Consulting Associate Professor, Geological and Environmental Sciences

Sheri Sheppard, Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Design

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Credit Units: 2-3; S/NC

Contact: Dr. Robyn Wright Dunbar,

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