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Industry Insights - Merck’s Approach to External Research Partnerships: Sourcing Innovation through Collaboration  

Date: February 9, 2010
Time: 12:00-1:30 PM
Location: Clark Center Auditorium

Sponsor: SoMCC

Event details:

For all the original research Merck conducts, they recognize that the next great discovery in medicine may well come from outside their own labs. This is why the formation of strategic partnerships is a central part of their business and research strategy.  Merck has hundreds of successful collaborations with academic institutions, companies, and other organizations around the world, and in fact much of the company’s financial success in 2008 was attributable to these alliance products and patents — including some of their biggest blockbusters. 

Merck is interested in partnerships with labs across a wide range of therapeutic areas that address unmet needs for patients, as well as technologies that will enhance the productivity of their research efforts.  These partnerships are often formed by Merck’s Licensing and External Research group; a team comprised of both scientists and business leaders that drive these activities as they pursue potential breakthroughs with scientific rigor and an entrepreneurial spirit.  From basic research through Phase IV and beyond, Merck employs the expertise of world-class researchers and business professionals to facilitate the commercialization of discoveries they find and develop in collaboration with their external partners in university and other research settings.

In this program, Dr. Weiss will provide first-hand insights into the goals and operations of the ‘Licensing and External Research’ group that she directs, a clearer sense for how Merck assesses technological alignments, and a broad overview of the process they use to source innovation through collaboration. 

About our Presenter:  
Yael Weiss received her MD degree from Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem, and her PhD in molecular genetics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. After working at Sheba Medical Center for several years Yael joined Columbine Ventures as principal and then joined Genzyme Israel as director of Medical Affairs and Business Development.  In 2004, Yael joined Merck Sharp & Dohme Israel as Medical Director, a role in which she oversaw Merck's clinical trials and supported the sales and marketing organizations.  During Yael’s tenure at Merck, she has been an ex-officio member of the licensing group, and has worked closely with External Scientific Affairs to help broaden Merck’s exposure within Israel’s vibrant biotechnology community.  In 2007 Yael relocated to the SF Bay Area. Her current responsibilities focus on the identification and evaluation of novel licensing and scientific collaboration opportunities emanating from West Coast-based academic laboratories and biotechs.

Fee: Free and open to Stanford ID holders.
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