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  Insight Health Care and Insight Science & Engineering with McKinsey & Co.

Date:   June 17-20, 2010 (Deadline to apply: April 25, 2010)

Time:   3-day seminar

Location:   Insight Health Care - Philadelphia, PA; Insight Science & Engineering - Chicago, IL

Sponsor:   McKinsey & Co.


These comprehensive seminars, designed exclusively for Ph.D.s, and M.D.s, will cover a range of topics important to those who are exploring alternative career possibilities and are interested in shaping the evolution of the healthcare industry.

The agenda will include:
• An overview of management consulting
• An introduction to our healthcare work worldwide
• A 2-day management consulting case study
• Consulting as a profession for Ph.D.s, and M.D.s
• The opportunity to interact with colleagues and participate in recreational activities

Qualified Applicants for Insight 2009 should be:
• Completing an M.D., Medical Internship, Residency or Fellowship in 2011 or 2012
• Completing a Ph.D., Post-doc, or non-MBA degree in the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, all engineering disciplines, computer science, economics, mathematics, operations and physics in 2011
• Residing in the United States or Canada

No business experience required. All expenses will be paid by McKinsey & Company.

Learn more and apply at:
The McKinsey website

Please contact your recruiter should you have questions:


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