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  Professional & Leadership Development
Course Number: MI 240

Date:   Spring Quarter 2010
April 1 - May 27
Deadline to apply: March 5, 2010

Time:   TH 4:00-6:00 PM
Course details:  

This course is specifically designed to help biosciences graduate students develop the leadership, communication, team dynamics, conflict resolution and negotiation skills necessary to be successful in almost any arena.  This course is taught by dynamic instructors from Stanford Law and Business Schools, and invited guests.  The interactive workshop format focuses on lecture, group exercises, and group debriefing of those exercises to clearly illustrate the topics being addressed.  Additionally the course format minimizes outside work to students, so that you get the most out of these sessions without distracting from your research.  We aim to present the interpersonal skills most relevant to scientists looking to enter a wide range of professions in academia, business, development, industry, and government.
Topics covered (see the schedule for more details):

    - Leadership
    - Negotiation
    - Conflict Resolution
    - Communication
    - Team Dynamics

This is a 2 credit course open to bioscience graduate students (including TGR students who can take it without exceeding their TGR tuition). 

Additional information and/or registration:  

If you are interested in taking Professional & Leadership Development, you must fill out a very short application by March 5th.  The application form, and more information about the course, is available at the website: or contact course directors Dina Finan (dina.finan@) or Dustin Hite (hite@).

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