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Industry Insights: Improving the Drug Discovery Process: Achieving Efficiencies through New Cell-based Assay Technologies

Date: October 13, 2009
Time: 12:00-1:30 PM
Location: Munzer Auditorium, Beckman Center

Sponsor: SoMCC

Event details:

The Drug Discovery Industry is facing a profound, strategic inflection point in its evolution.  The lack of drug discovery productivity – as reflected in new drug applications and drug approvals over the past decade - is driving a fundamental change in how and where drug discovery is transacted. In this program, Chris Armstrong provides first-hand insights into:

  • Invitrogen’s approach to improving drug discovery productivity

  • Roles, responsibilities, and opportunities for scientists within leading global life science organizations

  • Research & technology directions, trends, and developments within the biopharmaceutical industry

  • Career considerations, pathways, and decision points for medical and life science professionals

  • Success factors for scientists in Research, Product Development, Sales and Business Management

About our Presenter:
Dr. Chris Armstrong, is VP, Discovery Assays and Services within the Cell Systems Division of Life Technologies Corporation.  Chris joined Invitrogen Corporation (now part of Life Technologies) in 2004 and has held several positions in R & D, product development, and is now leader of a business segment. Prior to Invitrogen, Chris spent over a decade in the field of cell signaling research in both industrial and academic positions.  Most notably, Chris served as Scientific Operations Manager between 1998-2001 in the Division of Signal Transduction Therapy (DSTT) at the University of Dundee, managing major kinase collaborations between university and 5 major Pharmaceutical companies. 

Chris earned his B.Sc. in Applied Biology/Biomedical Sciences from the University of Lancashire (UK), his M.Sc in Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Leicester (UK), and completed his Ph.D. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) in the Medical Research Council’s Protein Phosphorylation Unit at the University of Dundee (UK). 

Fee: Free and open to Stanford ID holders.
Additional information and/or registration: RSVP required. Register online

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