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Stanford Graduate Spring Workshop - "Insanely Great" Products: How do they get built?

Dates: Tuesdays: May 5 - June 2, 2009




Packard 101 (*Please note: The May 19th session will be in Herrin T175)

Facilitated by David Obershaw, Stanford GSB Alumnus

Event details:

Learn how great products were created ­ from the people that actually built them. How do scientists, engineers, and businesspeople collaborate to advance the state-of-the-art? How does the development process differ across different industries and companies?

Who should attend:  Any graduate students across the seven schools interested in careers in product development. This workshop seeks to give a real-world perspective on what it’s like to work in these different companies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about how these great companies go about creating their products.

Workshop Schedule:

May 5: Michael Hillman, Apple

May 12: Jia Shen, RockYou

May 19*: Jonathan Kaplan, Pure Digital, makers of Flip Video

May 26: Dave House, Intel

June 2: Richard Scheller, Genentech

Questions we seek to answer:

What is it like to really work at any of these companies? What is the corporate culture? What is the collaborative process really like?

What enabled these companies to rise above their competition to develop leadership positions in their respective markets?

What are some of the attributes that go into creating a successful product development process? How do companies sustain leadership once they’ve achieved it?

What are some of the “common causes of failure” we see so often in companies? How did our workshop attendees manage to avoid some of these pitfalls?


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