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FRESH-Thinking Capstone Conference

Date: May 14, 2009


9:30 a.m.— 5:30pm


Quadrus Conference Center
Menlo Park, CA

Sponsor: Stanford Center for Health Policy

Event details:

The Capstone Conference: Fresh Thinking on Health Care Reform brings together influential health care reform professionals from academia, industry and government for a day of presentations and discussion.  The Conference represents the culminating activity of the FRESH-Thinking Project, which has conducted eight workshops over two years on health care reform.


Registration and Continental Breakfast


Introductory Remarks

10:20- 11:00

Universal Coverage: How To Pay For It?, John Shoven, presenter

11:00- 11:40

Organizing Health Care for Higher Quality and Lower Cost, Steve Shortell, presenter

11:40- 12:20

Value-Conscious Bio-Medical Innovation: Why?  How?  When?
Alan Garber, presenter

12:20- 12:30


12:30- 1:00


1:00- 1:30

Keynote, The Future of Health Care Reform, Leonard Schaeffer

1:30- 2:30

“Employers and Reform,” Alain Enthoven, moderator of panel

2:30- 3:30

“Physicians and Reform,” Sharon Levine, moderator of panel

3:30- 3:45


3:45- 4:45

“The Public and Reform,” Hal Luft, moderator of panel

4:45- 5:30

Health Care Reform: What Is Needed?  What Is Likely? Why The Chasm?, Victor R. Fuchs, presenter


Cocktail Reception


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